Bushfire Consulting Services

Bushfire Consultants

Bush Fire Speaking Engagements

Educational Sessions by Expert Consultants

Led by a recognised Bushfire Consultant and qualified Building Surveyor, our speaking engagements are designed to enhance understanding of current legislative requirements for building in bushfire-prone areas. These sessions are ideal for Builders, Development Assessment Officers, Registered Certifiers, Architects, and more. They cover the legislative framework, calculation of BAL, and application of Planning for Bushfire Protection. Sessions range from one to three hours or a full day, including case studies and practical exercises, with CPD points available for professionals.

Empowering Industry Professionals with Knowledge

Our Bush Fire Speaking Engagements are more than just informative sessions; they are empowering tools for industry professionals. By participating in these sessions, attendees gain not only knowledge but also the confidence to apply best practices in bushfire protection in their respective fields. Our interactive and engaging approach ensures that the knowledge shared is not only understood but retained, fostering a community of professionals well-versed in bushfire safety and compliance.

Your Trusted Experts in Bushfire Protection and Compliance

Serving Sydney, Blue Mountains, Illawarra, Central Coast, Central West, and Hunter areas, we offer comprehensive solutions for bushfire assessment, compliance, and planning to ensure your development meets today’s standards for bushfire safety.
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