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At Bushfire Consultants, our range of services is designed to guide you from the initial planning stages of your project to its final compliance, ensuring a seamless process that adheres to the highest standards of bushfire safety.

Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Certificate

This essential service involves a thorough analysis of your development site to determine its Bushfire Attack Level. We provide a detailed certificate that categorically states the bushfire risk level of your land, ensuring that your development complies with the necessary bushfire safety regulations.

Bushfire Assessment Report

Our comprehensive assessment report offers an in-depth evaluation of your property’s bushfire risk. This report is tailored to assist local Council development assessment officers and the Rural Fire Service, ensuring your development meets all necessary bushfire protection measures.

Bushfire Compliance Statement

This statement is crucial at various stages of your development, particularly during design and construction. It verifies that your project complies with the determined BAL and is aligned with bushfire safety standards, thus preventing costly mistakes and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Assessment

Understanding the specific bushfire attack level of your site is vital. Our BAL Assessment service provides a detailed evaluation, offering insights and advice on the best location for your development to minimise the BAL, thereby enhancing safety and regulatory adherence.

Bush Fire Assessment Report for Dual Occupancy or Subdivision

This service focuses on properties aiming to increase their occupancy levels, providing detailed bushfire assessments and ensuring compliance with regulations for dual occupancy or subdivision developments.

Bushfire Speaking Engagements

We offer expert speaking services for events and seminars, sharing our knowledge and experience in bushfire planning, protection, and compliance. Our engagements are tailored to educate and inform about the latest practices in bushfire safety.

Your Trusted Experts in Bushfire Protection and Compliance

Serving Sydney, Blue Mountains, Illawarra, Central Coast, Central West, and Hunter areas, we offer comprehensive solutions for bushfire assessment, compliance, and planning to ensure your development meets today’s standards for bushfire safety.
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